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Apart we are Together

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

As lockdown eases, I ponder on the creativity of humans. That something can come from nothing, in each blank page of a new day. I love to do and create, the making of things that are yet to exist, is inspiring and fills me with optimism for the future we will create together.

My current self motivated project is one I return to after some years. When I make a sculpture, without preconceived outcome, by letting the materials flow and fall into the place they find themselves in, allowing what it is, to be what it is. Once the sculpture exists, I will spend days painting what I have made. I learn so much from this process, and as with all observational drawings, my brain begins to pop with ideas and my memory bank of marks gets renewed and refilled.

I understand that my art practice is a paradox. The sculpture has been made with instinctual chance and spontaneity of letting my creative reflex do the thinking. The painting has a kind of outcome, as I want my painting to look like the object in front of me. I am painting something that now exists, with new forms, line, perspective, and is something I have created. In our abstract reality, have I given this sculpture a life? By painting, the sculpture is immediately given a sense of our abstract reality, illusion and our anthropological connections, understanding that our human minds can have limitless pool of creative reasourses.  Life is Art & We are the artists.

Finished sculpture Process of painting in progress

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