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Cosmic Vibrations of Expression with The Liverpool Gathering Orchestra, Friday 22nd March 2024 @ 7.30pm

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A performance of 'Treatise' by Cornelius Cardew, featuring the Liverpool Gathering Orchestra

Metal, Liverpool, L7 6ND

Fri 22nd March 2024

Doors Open at 7.30pm

£7 waged £5 unwaged

On the second Monday of each month I join The Gathering at Metal, Edge Hill, Liverpool. This is where humans gather together to express through music and sounds. A collaboration of free improvisational responses to each other.

I am self taught and have playing bass for about 10 years and have only every been a living room bass player before this. Improvisation has always been part of my practice. So it is awesomely coolio to say my first live gig will be with The Liverpool Gathering Orchestra.

Cornelius Cardew orchestral composition 'Treatise' allows musicians to interpret his graphic score of shapes, symbols, lines, numbers and space in a very free innate way. This particularly specific cosmic happening has only happened in rehearsals so far.

In many ways I pondered whether rehearsing in this way and following a 'score' would hinder true freedom of expression. As to me it seemed strange to say 'rehearsals' when as improvisors we create in the moment.

Each musician in the orchestra are free to translate the universal language of Cardews graphic score. Freeing the artist and the spectator with the emancipation from the traditional classical music notation.

I have found that responding to Cardews visual cues has pushed my mind in many diverse, new expressional directions as a human. New sounds and feelings of oneness appear within the cosmic waves of the individual, the orchestra and the spectator..

For more information:

Improvisers Network - Merseyside

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