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Freedom of Perspectives

Heart of Glass have commissioned me to facilitate my Collaboradoodle sessions that explore the freedom to play and create through various surrealist games and gestural drawing. I began in January at a secure children's home for vulnerable, traumatised and the disadvantaged. In the first few sessions we soon realised that the idea of play and freedom was alien to the young people. Each session informed the next as I reflected and adapted to the flow of the different groups.

The idea behind Collaboradoodle is to find the joy of the 'in the moment' experience. A chance for our minds to rest and soothe itself away from the troubles we often hold on tight to. This idea proved to be difficult to achieve as it gave the young people anxiety in achieving stillness. Unable to fully process their inside and outside world of chaos when their brains are still a work in progress.

I went back to the drawing board ; ) and focused on the idea of encouraging them to see what they see and create what they create through the different expressive exercises of observational drawing. We began with an apple. This, although not immediately, brought stillness and focus and was a huge aid in self regulation. I am learning more about the importance of our perspective in life, art and compassion in every session.

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