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Once in a Lullaby

Helon Conning

University of Chester @ Wirral Met College

Please visit our online degree catalogue to see the seven featured artists;

Suzy Chappell, Laura Jones, Claire Rice, Sally Weaver, Lauren Pugh, Phoebe Weaver & Helon Conning

So many plans, dreams and schemes went up in smoke, during the early days of lockdown and in this film I acknowledge the dark thoughts that such anxiety and disappointment can bring. The maddening uncertainty and vagueness of moving forward, often holds us back.

The symbolic setting fire to the catalogues of the once planned exhibition, was cathartic and a very positive action. We’re seeing theatre and live music venues being decimated with no start-up date in sight. In this film I am celebrating ‘THE ARTS’ for playing a significant part in our lockdown existence and wellbeing.

As a final year student, the sudden closure of our College and Degree Studio was a huge shock. We all felt a roller coaster of emotions during the first few weeks of lockdown. The news that unfolded about the horrifying effects and daily deaths from Covid 19, made art, and finishing a Fine Art degree, feel like a very low priority.

Creativity is everywhere, it’s within ourselves, others, in our homes, on tv, and on social media, the stage etc. Artists play a vital role in bringing empathy, hope, laughter, humanity and understanding to the world in these dark and unpredictable times.

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